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Cub Scout Pack 207
(Fremont, Nebraska)
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What are Cub Scout Camps?

Cub Scout Camps teach Scouts lessons and values that will last a lifetime, including honesty, helping others, character development and respect for the law. Scouts learn these values by participating in fun, family-friendly activities. Cub Camp brings the "outing" to Scouting.

Day Camps
Day Camps are organized, one or multi-day programs for Tiger Cubs, Cub Scouts, Webelos and their families. Come enjoy games, crafts, BB guns and archery! (Activities vary by location.) This camp lasts one day, not overnight.

Themed Camps
Themed Camps offer Tigers, Cubs, Webelos and their families a chance to participate in a non-traditional camping experience. There are a variety of opportunities ranging from sports to fun in the wilderness! These camps have varying time frames, from one day and up to two nights.

Overnight Resident Camps
Cub & Webelos Resident Camp is out of this world!  Parents and scouts will spend 3 days and two nights caming.  Resident Camp is for Tiger, Wolves, Bears and Webelos.  Each rank will have activities tailored to their program.