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Cub Scout Pack 338
(Cordova, Tennessee)
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What is your Pack Number:  We are Pack #338.

Where do you meet? Hope Presbyterian Church on Walnut Grove, (We typically meet upstairs in Adventure Land, Entrance 3-by the gym).

When do you meet? We meet on Tuesday nights at 7pm.

What den will my son be in?

Typically the boys will meet based on their grade level:

1st grade: Tiger Cub

2nd grade: Wolves Cub

3rd grade: Bear Cub

4th grade: WEBELOS 1

5th grade: WEBELOS 2

How much does it cost to join Cub Scouts?

The annual membership fee for Pack #338 is 75.00 a year. This fee is per scout and covers:

·         BSA Membership

·         Awards

·         Boys Life Magazine (Renewals)

·         A car for Pine Wood Derby

·         Blue & Gold Banquet

·         Supplies

·         Event registration

Pack #338 also requires a uniform which can be purchased at the local Scout Shop.

Scout Shop (located across from the Memphis School Board Buildings)

171 S. Hollywood

Memphis, TN 38112


What do I need to purchase at the Scout Shop?

·         Purple Crest

·         District Patch

·         338 (the numerals)

·         Neckerchief (den appropriate)

·         Neckerchief Slide (den appropriate)

·         Den Book (den appropriate)

·         Tigers, Wolves, Bears: Blue shirts, Optional Navy Blue shorts/pants

·         Webelos I & II: Tan Shirts, Optional Olive Green shorts/pants

·         Optional (not required by Pack 338): hat, socks or pants

·         Optional – if you do not like to sew, we suggest Magic Badge, which is double sided sticky adhesive to adhere your patches.

What type of camping gear do I need? 

On your first camping trip, we recommend:

·         Sleeping Bag

·         Tent

·         Flashlights/lantern

·         Bug Spray

·         Chair

·         Sunscreen

·         Plastic Storage Bin (to carry it all)

Who pays for Pack 338?

Pack 338, as well as all Cub Scout packs, is a non profit organization. Funds are received through charitable donations and fundraisers. Pack 338 has one main fundraiser, BSA Popcorn sales through Trails End Popcorn. We also collect dues of $75 per year, per scout. All money taken in goes to provide an interesting, fun, exciting, and educational experience for the boys of Pack 338.

How do I sign up my son?
Signing up is easy!! Drop by Hope Pres on any Tuesday night at 7pm (entrance 3) for a visit. You can either sign up right then or just check it out and see if it is right for you and your family.

What do Cub Scouts do?
The simple answer, have fun!! Cub Scouts allows a boy to experience new things while learning real world skills that will help him in life. He will also learn how to make friends and how to treat people with respect and in turn will earn the respect of others. The Cub Scout program consists of age appropriate indoor activities, crafts, and games as well as outdoor exploration. Oh, by the way, we do get to go camping as well!!

Can my younger children attend the meetings?
Of course!! Cub Scouts is a FAMILY oriented program. If your younger kids aren't old enough to join they are still welcome to come to the meetings and participate in the activities of their older brother (and sisters too). When we go camping, the whole family is invited to join us.

Do you rough it when camping?
We do family car camping. What this involves is you load up anything you think you might want or need and bring the whole family camping. We DO NOT ROUGH IT!! We sleep in tents with air mattresses. If you want to rough it, you are more than welcome to do so, but all we want to do is introduce the boys to the outdoors, not teach them survival skills. The only thing we ask that you DO NOT bring is electronic games and toys. The boys are there to enjoy nature, not zone out on video games.

What does the pack provide when camping?
The pack brings a large dining fly where we do all our cooking. We also take up money before each camping trip to purchase food for supper. The pack will cook a large supper for everyone to enjoy. You are responsible for providing tents, sleeping bags, drinks, snacks, and lunch for your family.


I would like to volunteer, how do I get started?

Cub Scouts is a very rewarding experience for both the boys and for the leaders! We have many different opportunities for you to help out. You do not need experience, just a desire to serve! All Packs and Troops are only as good as the people who volunteer and here are just a couple of wonderful opportunities:

Cubmaster                                Assistant Cubmaster                 Pinewood Derby Director

Popcorn Kernel                          Fundraiser Director               Tues. Set up/tear down leader

Den Secretary                           Advancement Director               Arrow of Light Director 


And much more! It takes everyone to step up to have a successful FUN Pack Please talk to a Leader today about your role in our pack!

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