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Boy Scout Troop 225
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Fundraisers & Fees

Troop 225 participates in several fundraisers through the year. These fundraisers help pay for our scouting program and some of summer camp.

Fall Fundraiser
In the fall, we sell wreaths. The wreaths come from Iwaskai Brothers. Scouts can earn money for camp by selling wreaths.

Winter Fundraiser
In the winter, the troop recycles Christmas trees. This event takes place the first 2 weekends after Dec. 25th. Money made here first pays for yearly troop expenses. The rest of the money profited can be applied to summer camp.

Spring Fundraiser
In the spring, the troop participates in the meat stick and candy sale sponsored by the district. Scouts can earn money for camp by selling meat sticks and candy.

Other Fees for Families in Scouting
Grub Money- This is collected before each campout to pay for food. This is usually $10-15 per scout for the entire weekend.

Summer Camp--Summer camp usually costs between $350-400 depending on which camp and which week.

Uniforms--We do have some used uniforms available. New uniforms can be purchased and vary in cost.