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Cub Scout Pack 1
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Q: How many days do you meet?

The pack meets one Friday every month at 7:00 pm at Primrose school for about 1 ½ hrs. The dens meet once to twice a month for about an hour to work on their scouting goals.  The dates and times vary for den meetings. 

Q: How much does it cost?

The 2019/2020 yearly dues cost $130.00 and includes: national dues, insurance, adult volunteer registration subscription to Boys Life, pins, patches and other awards, scout meals for Blue and Gold dinner,some camping costs, Pinewood Derby costs, and the Kickoff BBQ. Some of the extra costs may include: gear, sleepovers, etc. (Costs varies within the den and age group). Talk to the den leaders for more info.

Q: What are my commitments?

As with most things,what you put in you get in return. This is the same for scouting. Pack 1 is a family friendly pack. We encourage that all members engage with the whole family when they can. Some of the events we have are for scouts only

Q:What if my child plays sports all year long?

 The best part of scouting that if you boy missed an event it is not a big deal. There are plenty to go to in between the games.

Q: Do we accept Girls?

Yes we do!! Girls are welcome to Join Scouts and enjoy all the benefits that come with scouting

Q: On Friday Pack night can we bring my sons other siblings?

Yes you can, Somers Pack 1 is a family pack. Sometimes there are things that the whole family can do.

Q: What is the parent’s role?

Not all parents have to run the Pack or a Den. Some of the parents just help one event or a part of the program is they can.

Q: How many days are required to become a Den leader?  

Each Den has different requirements.  Grades k-3 have an average of 1 meetings per month that last an  hour and one Friday night per month. Grades 4-5 have an average of 2 meetings per month that last an  hour and one Friday night per month

Q: Do I have to campout?

All campouts are an optional activity, however you will miss the fun!

Q: Do I have to knock door to door for fundraising?

Fundraising is as important task for Somers Pack 1. We have several fundraising activities that no not require door to door selling.

Q: What is the difference between a Den and a Pack meeting?

Den meetings are for smaller groups of scouts– ideally 8-12.  At these meetings, scouts work toward their badge or perform other activities.  At Pack Meetings, all scouts attend for some type of activity and/or they are recognized for their achievements