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Parents Guide

The leaders of Pack 345 are committed to providing an exciting, fun and educational program for our scouts.  We have two main goals: to teach the boys and girls to be good citizens, and to have fun.  Special emphasis is placed on character development, outdoor activities, sports, citizenship, and family.  We have lots of great activities planned – for your scout, and for your whole family.  Scouting is a family activity!


Den Meetings:   In Pack 345, our Dens have meetings each week.  Many times, the Den Leaders will ask parents to lend a helping hand in organizing the Den meetings.  Or the parents can take turns organizing the monthly meetings. Parents are expected to stay at the den meeting with their scout. This highly encourages PARENTAL INVOLVMENT
Pack meetings:   We generally have one Pack meeting per month, which includes all the cub scouts from all the dens.  The monthly Pack meeting is directed by the Cubmaster.   We require a parent (and encourage the whole family) to attend the pack meeting with their children.  Unless otherwise noted, the Pack meeting is held at the First Baptist Church.

Leader/Committee Meetings:   Ideally, the leaders of Pack 345 meet monthly to plan events, exchange ideas and discuss organizational matters.  Each Den would have a leader or parent representative at each meeting.  In addition, those parents working on events/meetings being planned/discussed should be present.  All parents are welcome and encouraged to participate.  

Who is Who

Akela:  A name given for a parent, a teacher, a Cub Scout leader, or other role model.
(In the "jungle-book" story, Akela is the leader of the pack).

Cubmaster:  Responsible for the program; reports to the pack committee.

Pack Committee:  Supervises the pack and accomplishes administrative tasks.  All parents welcome!!

Pack Committee Chairman:  Person in charge of the pack committee.

Den Leader:  An adult in charge of a Den.

Den Chief:  An older boy scout who helps to lead a den.

Denner:  One of the cubs scouts elected by his den to help the den leader and den chief.

You:  Current or future Den or Assistant Den Leader or Pack Committee member.  Parents are also needed to volunteer to coordinate or help with outdoor activities or special events. Your involvement and support is critical to the success of the program for your child.


Cub Scouts buy their own uniform, which includes a shirt, neckerchief, trousers, hats, socks, slide and belt (the belt is optional, although you may want to purchase it so your scout can display his belt loop awards.)  Tiger, Wolf and Bear cubs use the blue Cub Scout uniform.   Webelos wear the tan Boy Scout uniform shirt.  You may buy short-sleeve or long-sleeved uniform shirts, but short-sleeves are more versatile (your Scout can wear an extra shirt underneath in colder months). Since your scout will be wearing this for multiple years, we recommend getting it in a size larger than your Scout. 

Uniforms are available to purchase at:

Holloway Scout Shop

(South Texas Council Service Center)

700 Everhart Terrace, Bldg. A

Corpus Christi, TX  78411

Hours: 9 - 5 Mon-Fri, 10:00 - 1:00 Saturday

The staff at the store can help you buy the right items, including the correct neckerchief and slide for your rank, and appropriate patches and Pack numerals (345).  

Uniforms can also be purchased online at:

Uniforms are worn to all Pack meetings, most Pack functions, and any outings in which the children are recognized as representing cub scouts.  It’s up to the individual dens whether the cub scouts wear them to den meetings, but most of the kids take pride in wearing them. Uniforms give them a sense of belonging to a group, and help remind them of the expectations of that group. 

A Cub Scout patch and badge placement guide is attached below.


Parents should purchase the rank appropriate cub scout Handbook -- either the Tiger, Wolf, Bear, or Webelos Book.  These are also available at the Holloway Scout Shop.  The handbook outlines the activities and requirements for a scout to achieve their rank badge. We recommend that parents read the book for their child's age group, cover to cover.

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