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List Of Available Merit Badges & Counselors

The attachment to this page was last updated on November 20, 2012.  It shows the merit badges approved by The Boy Scouts of America.  As mentioned elsewhere in this site, scouts must earn thirteen (13) required merit badges and nine (9) elective merit badges before their eighteenth (18) birthday as part of working towards their Eagle rank.  Scouts can earn as many merit badges as they like (22 is the minimum required for Eagle).

A scout begins working on a merit badge by presenting himself to the Scoutmaster and requesting permission to begin the process by asking for a "blue card".  The Scoutmaster will consider the scout's age, rank and maturity to be sure the requested merit badge is not too difficult for the scout.  The scout is then informed to check this website to review the list of merit badge counselors who teach the requested merit badge.  As discussed on the "get involved" page of this web site, a merit badge counselor is the minimum level of commitment we'd like for all parents and adults who are involved with the troop to consider.  Everyone has certain skills and talents they possess whether related to their vocation or hobbies.  Having merit badge counselors who are passionate about the subject matter they are teaching makes the process more fun for everyone involved.  Adults, please take a minute to review the attached list and see where no merit badge counselor has yet to be identified.  While a majority of the merit badges shown on the attached list as "no one at this time" are generally available at summer camp, we can always use more merit badge counselors!

In addition to summer camp, scouts have opportunities to earn merit badges at Baden Powell and Dan Beard (two day camp options during the summer at Camp Belzer), as planned by the PLC throughout the year and during our annual Troop Merit Badge Marathon (during the first quarter of each year).
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2013 Camp Ransburg - merit badge classes.pdf  
Copy of New 2014 NS MBC list by badge.xls Merit Badge Counselors in North Star District