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Boy Scout Troop 215
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Here is a list of Helpful Websites

Sequoyah Council Home Page                 
Scout stuff site                                    

Scout Site                                           

Consent Form / Permission slip                 

Tour Permit                                          

Guide to Safe Scouting                           

Age appropriate Guidlines for Scouting Activities

Annual Health and Medical Form                

Online learning center                             

Campfire Program Planner                        

MANY miscellaneous Resources                 

Merit Badges                                         

Scoutmaster Minutes                              


Animal Track Identification Quiz                

U.S. Search & Rescue Task Force-Animal Trackin guide

BSA Web site                                         

Leave No Trace Center for Outdoor Ethics   

US Flag Code website                              

Animal Tracking Guide                              

American Legion                                      

Young Backpacker Food Hints & Recipes  

Body Mass Index                                      

Worship Service Planning work sheet            

Both of the following sites include a large amount of information and links to almost anything imaginable on the subject of Scouts Own                                                       

Sample interfaith services,worksheets & material

BSA Alumni                                               

Leadership Square Knot Awards