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                        WELCOME TO PACK #72 OF ZEPHYRHILLS, FLORIDA

Your Son, Scouting, and You

As a parent, you want your son to grow up to be a person of worth, self reliant, dependable and caring individual.  Scouting has these same goals in mind for him.  Since 1910, we have been weaving lifetime values into fun and educational activities designed to assist parents in strengthening character, good citizenship and physical fitness in youth.

Scouting is family values.  However, Cub Scout age boys do not join just to build character.  Boys join Cub Scouting because IT IS FUN!!


Statistics show that over the long term, boys and young men who have experienced Scouting's programs are more likely to have success in school, career and family, as well as stronger ethics and better relationships with others.  For example:

  • Boys with 5 or more years in scouting (98%) are more likely to graduate from high school than those who never were scouts (83%).
  • Former scouts (40%) are also more likely to be college graduates than non-scouts (16%).
  • Thirty-three percent of men who were scouts for five years or more have household incomes of $50,000 or more, compared to 17% of non-scouts.

If you could give your son the greatest gift of all, what would it be?  It wouldn't be money or anything money can buy.  Whether you are rich or poor, the greatest gift is within your power because that gift helps a boy become a person with a good feeling about himself and a genuine concern for others.  Cub Scouting can help you provide this gift.


*Registration Fee:  $34.50/Year (Goes to the BSA Council)

Boy's Life Magazine:  (optional)  $12.00/Year

Rank Hand Books Tiger,Wolf, Bear, Webelos:  $12.99 Paperback - $18.99 Spiral Bound

Cub Scout Blue Uniform Shirt (Short sleeve):  $24.99

Cub Scout Neckerchief:  $8.99

Cub Scout Neckerchief Slide:  $5.99

Cub Scout Web Belt:  $9.99

Cub Scout Uniform Shorts:  $12.99

Cub Scout Uniform Pants:  $24.99

Cub Scout Hats: $14.99

Webelos & Arrow of Light Tan Uniform Shirt: $29.99

Webelos & Arrow of Light Green Shorts/Pants: $44.99

Webelos & Arrow of Light Hat: $17.99

Webelos & Arrow of Light Neckercheif $9.99

Webelos & Arrow of Light Slide $5.99

Uniforms can be purchased at the Greater Tampa Bay Area Council Store located at 13228 North Central Ave, Tampa, FL 33612.


While uniforms are NOT required to join Scouting, it does play an important part of recognition and self esteem elements of the program.  Pack #72 recommends as its "official uniform" policy to consist of a BSA uniform shirt with the council patch, pack and den numerals.  (Pack provides advancement badges), neckerchief and slide, BSA web belt, and contrary to the official BSA policy, Pack 72 will accept any solid dark blue pants or shorts with the blue cub scout uniform.  These items are to be free of rips, tears or holes.

Class A Uniforms are to be worn at all meetings unless otherwise stated.

Class B Scouting T-shirts can be worn during Den meetings, when authorized by den leader and camping trips and other similar activities along with tan/olive/khaki shorts or pants, scout-related hat.  Footwear may consist of hiking boots, sneakers depending on the activity.  No flip flops.

**Items are paid at monthly pack meetings.

Our pack holds several fund-raisers throughout the year to allow us to be able to avoid having to charge these pack dues. weekly den meeting activities.  Many times this monthly fee does It is very important for families to help participate in any fund-raisers that the pack puts on to help fund the annual budget.  


+The BSA prohibits the use of alcoholic beverages and controlled substances at encampments or activities on property owned and/or operated by the BSA.

+The BSA prohibits the use of alcoholic beverages and controlled substances at any activity involving the participation of youth members.

+The BSA supports the attitude that youth members are much better off without tobacco, and will not allow the use of any tobacco including vaping products at any BSA activity involving youth participants.

+All Scouting functions, meetings, and activities should be conducted on a smoke-free basis, with smoking areas for adults located away from all participants.  See Cubmaster for these designated locations.


In its Charter and Bylaws, the BSA maintains that no member can grow into the best kind of citizen without recognizing an obligation to God.  No matter what the religious faith of a member might be, this fundamental need of good citizenship must be kept before the member.  Although the BSA recognizes the religious element in the training of a member, it is absolutely nonsectarian in its attitude toward the religious training.

}The BSA does not define what constitutes a belief in God or the practice of religion.

}The BSA does not require membership in a religious organization or association in order to join Scouting but strongly encourages membership and participation in the religious program and activities of a church, synagogue, or other religious association.

}The BSA respects the conviction of those who exercise constitutional freedom to practice religion as individuals without formal membership in religious organizations.


>A Scouting unit has the authority to determine its own youth membership on the basis of considerations such as group size or behavior as long as it is faithful to Scouting's membership philosophy set forth below:

>Scouting welcomes all boys and young people regardless of race or ethnic background who are willing to accept Scouting's values and meet other requirements of membership.

>Young people of all religious backgrounds are welcomed in Scouting, some participating in units for youth of a particular religious faith and the greater majority participating in units open to members of various religious backgrounds.


Call me the Mr. Manners of Mobility if you want, but I believe in cell phone etiquette. What is etiquette, anyway? It's really nothing more than a set of rules we all agree to follow in order to be considerate toward others. We follow them as our contribution to the kind of society we want to live in.

It's easy to be rude with a cell phone. A visitor from another planet might conclude that rudeness is a cell phone's main purpose. Random, annoying ring tones go off unexpectedly. People talk too loudly on cell phones in public because of the challenge of holding a conversation in a noisy environment with someone who's not present. Cell phones need their own rules of etiquette, or we'll descend into social barbarism.

But cell phones -- and the ways we use them -- change. In the past few years, the whole world of cell phones has evolved so much that we need some additional rules of etiquette.

  1. Place cell phones on silent or vibrate during den and pack meetings.
  2. Engage in the activity at hand with your scout vs. engaging in cell phone texts or calls.
  3. Cell phones shall remain hidden during outings or camping trips.  Parents and leaders need to set the bar when it comes to use of electronics during outings.  Pack #72 does not allow scouts to carry electronics to outings. 
  4. During award ceremonies, engage in the meeting at hand; applause all scouts while they are receiving awards.  It is discouraging for scouts when they receive an award and look out into the audience and their parent is faced down with facebook, tweets, emails, texts, business, etc.
  5. In case of emergency calls or important business please be courteous and exit the area of activity or meeting and handle your call in a way not to disturb others.


Monthly Pack and Den Meetings...

Monthly Pack and Den meetings are required.  We will track attendance at Pack meetings and have awards at the end of the year for boys who have perfect attendance and dens that have the highest percentage of attendance.  Outings and activities are optional, except when necessary to complete part of a rank advancement.  Families are welcomed at Pack meetings.  Dens will determine their own sibling policy.  Parents are required to attend all Tiger Meetings.

Do Your Best.  We use the Cub Scout Motto to describe our attendance policy.  We understand that life does get in the way sometimes, but ask that you model respect for the importance of a commitment and the time and effort others have put into planning, by helping your son make his best effort to attend den and pack meetings on time and in uniform.

Please let your den leader know if you are unable to make a den meeting as soon as you know.  Plans and supplies are usually purchased based on the projected number of boys, and it can be discouraging to run out of materials, or not to have enough boys to do the planned activity.

Activities and projects are planned months in advance to be sure that plenty of time is allotted for your son to advance to the next rank and when attendance is not at Your Best, time does not allow to go back and repeat activities nor do leaders have time to stop the activity going on at that time to discuss what was missed.  Some exceptions will be made on a case by case situation by either the den leader or the den leader and Cubmaster together.

Since attendance is an important part of scouting, the Cubmaster and the Pack 72 Committee has decided to carry out a "We Missed You Rule", meaning that if your son were to miss out on three den meetings or a combination of den/pack meetings to equal three in a row without notifying their den leader of their inability to attend the meetings, the den leader will notify the Cubmaster who would then make contact with the parent/legal guardian and request a meeting with the parents and the Pack Committee to ask that the cub scout be removed from the Pack.


Each cub scout shall support our pack by participating in fund-raising activities.  Fund raising helps to keep dues to a minimum and has allowed Pack #72 to avoid charging annual dues.  These funds help to keep our camping trips at a minimum cost, provide food for many of our functions, awards, certificates, supplies for meetings, etc.



  • Check with local, county, state and federal fire bans before heading to campsite.
  • Cubmaster will have final say on ALL campfires.
  • Follow all rules of your campsite.
  • Clear all burnable materials from your 10 foot fire circle.  Don't build the fire under overhanging branches of trees or shrubs or near roots of trees, or under a shelter.
  • Place fire inside a circle of rocks (if possible).  Allow no one to walk inside that circle.  The only exception to this rule is campfire skits where a leader is present with the scouts!
  • Once a stick is placed in a fire it must STAY in the fire!  Cub scouts and Webelos are NOT to place sticks or other materials into the fire at anytime.
  • NEVER leave your fire unattended.  A responsible adult MUST be present at all times.
  • Have a pot or bucket of water nearby in case sparks start a fire away from the circle.
  • Have a bucket of sand or dirt and a shovel near the fire to extinguish it.
  • When you are finished cooking on a fire, make sure the fire is DEAD OUT!  Spread the coals and ashes and sprinkle them with water.  Stir until the site is cold.  Feel it with your hand to make sure it is completely cold.
  • Campfires can be an exciting and inspirational part of the Cub Scout outdoor program.  There is no better way to end an evening pack outdoor activity than with a well-planned campfire.

    Flammability Warning

    No tent material is fireproof, and it can burn when exposed to heat or fire.  Follow these rules:

  • Only flashlights and electric lanterns are permitted in tents.  No flames in tents is a rule that must be enforced.
  • Liquid fuel stoves, heaters, lanterns, lighted candles, matches, and other flame sources should never be used in or near tents.
  • Do not pitch tents near an open fire.
  • Do not use flammable chemicals near tents (charcoal lighter, spray cans of paint, bug killer and repellent).
  • Be careful when using electricity and lighting in tents.
  • Always extinguish cooking fires and campfires properly.
  • Obey all fire laws, ordinances, and restrictions.

Whittling Chip 

    Cub Scouts may carry and use pocket knives ONLY when they obey the following rules:

    1. Bear and Webelos leaders will set designated areas at campsites for scouts to use knives.
    2. ONLY Cub Scouts that have earned a Whittling Chip Card may carry and use a pocket knife
    3. The Whittling Chip Card MUST be carried by the Cub Scout at all times when he is carrying or using the pocket knife.
    4. Cub Scouts may use their pocket knife only when the Cubmaster or a designated leader is DIRECTLY supervising the Cub Scout's activities.  The supervising leader MUST NOT be involved in any other activities while supervising Cub Scout's use of knives.
    6. Under no conditions are switchblade knives or sheath knives permitted.
    7. Pack 72's Cubmaster has the final authority on knife use at all official pack events.

    Cub Scouts who do not follow Cub Scout Pack 72's Pocket Knife Rules or the Whittling Chip Card may lose the privilege of carrying a pocket knife.  The following steps will take place when there is an infraction to the policy.

    • For a minor infraction, A corner of the Whittling Chip Card will be removed.  If all four corners of the Whittling Chip Card become removed, the Cub Scout will lose the privilege of carrying a pocket knife.  Only the Cubmaster may approve the chance for the Cub Scout to re-earn the Whittling Card.
    • For major infractions, including and accidents, the Cub Scout will lose his Whittlng Chip for a time period set by the Cubmaster.  The knife will be confiscated by the Cubmaster and turned over to the scout's parent(s) or legal guardian(s) at the time of Whittlig Chip Card reissue.  The Cubmaster reserves the right to turn any major infractions over to the Pack Committee to allow them to make final decision regarding whether cub scout can re-earn the Whittling Chip Card.
    • The classification of Minor and Major infractions will be determined by the Cubmaster.

    To earn the Whittling Chip a scout must know and demonstrate the proper use and care of a knife.  Also, the Cub Scout must know the Pocket Knife Pledge and the Knives are Not Toys Guidelines.  Cub Scouts at Pack 72 must be of Bear or Webelos Rank.

    General Knife-Use Safety Rules

    • A knife is a tool, not a toy.
    • Know how to sharpen a knife.  A sharp knife is safer because it is less likely to slip and cut you.
    • Keep the blade clean.
    • Never carry an open pocket knife.
    • When you are not using your knife, close it and put it away.
    • Keep your knife dry.
    • When cutting something, always cut away from you and others.
    • Make a safety circle;  Before you pick up your knife to use it, stretch your arm out and turn in a circle.  If you can't touch anyone else, it is safe to use your knife.

    The Pocket Knife Pledge

    • I will treat my pocketknife with the respect due a useful tool.
    • I will always close my pocketknife and put it away when not in use.
    • I will not use my pocket knife when it might injure someone near me.
    • I promise to NEVER throw my pocketknife for any reason.
    • I will use my pocketknife in a safe manner at all times.

    Other Provisions and Regulations

    • The Scout (Bear or Webelos) will earn his Whittling Chip Card at a den, pack, district or council event.
    • The chip only entitles the Cub Scout to carry and use the knife (with parental approval) at Pack 72 "whittling chip use approved" events or activities ONLY during knife use periods.  We will notify the families if the activity or event is considered approved and if the scouts can bring their knives.  Scouts are not to bring, carry and/or use a knife anywhere else.
    • A proper knife is one that is in good repair and condition, and has a folding blade no longer than 3 inches in length.
    • The Whittling Chip must be carried when the scout is carrying his knife.


    • Any Scout Leader whether with or not with Pack 72 has the right to inspect the Whittling Chip Card at anytime during a scouting event.

    These rules are subject to change at any time by the majority vote of the Pack 72 Committee.



        The cub scouting program is designed for recognition in accomplishing activities through rank advancement. Each grade is on a "track" to complete their rank requirements in that particular school year.









    Arrow of Light Grade 5
    Webelos Grade 4-5
    Bear Grade 3
    Wolf Grade 2
    Tiger Grade 1


    This is a partial list of our pack policies.  If you have further questions or concerns please feel free to contact the Cubmaster or Committee Chairperson before or after meetings or through email.  We ask parents to please not engage in conversations whether it pertains to scouting or not with leaders during meetings or activities to not take away the leader's attention with your son.  At Pack 72 scouts are the main concentration.  Please save your questions or comments until the end of the event or come early and share your thoughts at this time.  

    For additional scouting policies please visit the Gulf Ridge Council Site or go to the Boy Scouts of America's Website.

    Thanks for your cooperation,
    Cubmaster Eric Barre