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Adults in Girl Scouting

What Can Girl Scouting Do for Adults Also

- You will know that you are making a difference in the lives of girls
- You can share knowledge, experience, and skills
- You will make new friends
- You will learn new skills to share
- You will increase your leadership potential
- You will have fun
- You will increase family involvement and quality time spent with daughters
- You will get to know your daughter’s friends
- You will improve the community
- You will gain work experience
- You will stay active and involved
- You will be needed
- You will build self-confidence
- You will do satisfying work

- You will meet new challenges
- You will fulfill a tradition
- You will gain recognition from others
- You will help a friend
- You will preserve the past
- You will influence others
- You will empower others
- You will be a role model for your children
- You will give back what you have gotten
- You will get a feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction for helping to change the world one girl at a time
- You will show that you care 

You can receive all the above benefits! To help on a  troop leadership team, or work with adults, or  share your skills, contact Becky Crouch at or (540) 347-1211. Maybe you would like to help  with a short term position, a special program, an event, or you make us an offer. Contact us for more info!