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Advancement is the process by which youth members progress through the ranks in the Scouting program by the gradual mastery of Scouting skills. Ranks are simply a means to an end, not an end in themselves. Everything boys do to advance and earn these ranks, from the day they join until the day they leave the program, should be designed to help boys have an exciting and meaningful experience. has a good set of videos and podcasts outlining rank requirements for Tenderfoot to First Class

Board of Review (BoR)

The Scout motto is Be Prepared!  Preparation for a Board of Review (BoR) can save time and greatly improve the chances for success.  Here are the steps that each scout should take in preparing for BoR for every rank above Scout.  

Prior to requesting a BoR, Scouts should check their books for completed items.  If there is something that needs to be signed off, then the Scout seeks out an older Scout that is able to sign off on the Scout book requirement (Star rank or above).  Then the Scout approaches the Scout Master and asks to arrange a time for a Scout Master conference.  Once that is finished, the Scout then follows the procedure below to get a BoR.

  1. Before scheduling the BoR, Scouts should have already completed their Scoutmaster conference and have it signed off in their book. (See above)
  2. Send an email to the Advancement Chair, Mrs. Fimbres at and to the Committee Chair, Mrs. Tootle at (include both on one email). 
  3. The Scout will be notified of their BoR date via email.
  4. Bring your Scout handbook to the BoR.  
  5. Scouts must be in full class A uniform for the BoR.  
  6. A Board of Review is not an examination.  It is an opportunity for the members of the troop committee to discuss with each scout their experience in the troop.   Be prepared to answer questions about your participation in Troop 1107 events and your progress in the troop. 
  7. Once BoR is completed they earn the rank that day, but it is usually presented at the next court of honor. 
VERY IMPORTANT: Your Boy Scout Handbook is a record of your advancement.  Keep it where you can find it. There have been cases where Council records have been in error and data needed to approve Eagle applications was missing. The handbook may be the only way of proving that the Scout achieved rank advancement.

Advancement & Merit Badge Information  -
Eagle Scout

See the National Eagle Scout Association ( web page for information on the Eagle Scout rank application and Eagle Scout Service Project Workbook.

Troop 1107 members can also access the Troop's Life to Eagle guidance here.