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Cub Scout Pack 11
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Den Rules

Den Rules
1. Always be early.
2. Always wear your uniform with pride.
3. Always behave and follow instructions.
4. Always follow Akela.
5. Always DO YOUR BEST.

Lots of Cub Scouting happens in the den. Please remember that your son’s Den Leader is a volunteer putting forth his or her time and effort to help your boy ‘Do His Best’ to earn his badges, participate in the fun, and gain all the positive values that the Cub Scout program offers.  The Den Leader is only the coordinator of each evening’s activities and the parents are expected to actively run random Den Meetings. Once spread over all of the parents, each parent will only have to run a meeting about once every month or two. Please assist them in the following ways.

  • Please have your son to den meetings on time. Your den leaders have lots of activities planned and it is important to have the whole group together to begin the evening’s fun and projects.  The Den Leader needs a few moments of your time to help explain what the plan is, what is needed from the parents. Attendance is paramount to having a good scouting year and achieving rank.

  • Please pick up your son from den meetings on time. Your den leader has places to go and kids that they have to put to bed, too. Pack 11 requires parents from Lions  through Bears to stay for all meetings and events. If you cannot stay, you must get prior approval from the den leader that you are dropping off for the event and must provide a number to be reached. Lions & Tiger Cubs must have an Adult Partner with them during all meetings, trips, etc this is a BSA rule.  Enjoy the time together!

  • Please make sure your Cub Scout is prepared.  Please make sure your son has his handbook,dues,  and anything else he needs for the meeting (like previous weeks homework) before leaving the house.

Be an active parent. Everybody has some special abilities and ‘know how’ that can be of great help in matters relating to Cub Scouts.  See Parent Participation Form

Den Roles

Den Roles

Each den has a month where they are responsible for setting up the tables in the church fellowship hall and taking them down. Also during that month the den will perform the flag ceremony. If we have special events in that month the den will assist with planning, refreshments, setup, and take down for each event.  DO YOUR BEST to attend Pack meetings especially if your Den is Hosting. Host Den should be in Field uniform.(aka class A)

Den pack Schedule

Den Pack Schedule  
• September      • AOL Webelos
• October.         • Webelos
• November      • Bears
• December      • Wolves
• January.         • Tigers & Lions
• February.       • AOL Webelos
• March.           • Webelos
• April               • Bears
• May                • Wolves
• June               • Tigers & Lions