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How much is this gonna cost me?

Well, that’s a good—and fair—question.

Most families will find that a year of Cub Scouting costs about the same as one season of sports  (a lot less, if the sport is travel ball). That’s a good value. Beyond that, if you buy a short-sleeved uniform shirt with plenty of room to grow, it could last your Scout most of his Cub Scout days. (That’s not always true with sports uniforms—you usually have to buy a new one every season.)

We ask families to cover the following:
  • Registration fees (national & council)
  • Dues (Pack 125)
  • Uniform (see the Uniforms page)
  • Handbook
Pack 125 provides the hat, T-shirt, and handbook for Lions (kindergarteners). Lion families need to buy a uniform belt, which displays the belt loop awards that Cub Scouts earn. You can also get uniform pants/shorts and uniform socks.

In addition to the above, we strongly recommend that you also sign up for a subscription to Boys' Life, which is just $12 for twelve issues. Boys' Life is full of age-appropriate content, including stories; articles about what Scouts all around the country are doing; cartoons; jokes; Scouts in Action (true stories of Scouts who earned awards for heroism); gear recommendations; and much, much more.

In the fall, the BSA typically offers promotions, such as free handbooks for new members, or discounts on uniforms. Please check with us, and we’ll tell you about current promotions.

Our parties—Blue & Gold Banquet, Crossover Picnic, Welcome Picnic, Christmas Party—are potluck parties (the pack provides hamburgers and/or hot dogs at the Crossover Picnic and Welcome Picnic). Families pay for camp and shooting sports activities, which are optional. 

The pack pays for all of the following:
  • Ranks and awards
  • Neckerchief (part of the uniform)
  • Pinewood Derby kit
  • Blue & Gold Banquet decor
The pack pays for these through a combination of dues and fundraisers. While no one is required to participate in fundraisers, fundraising activities help Scouts learn valuable lessons, such as the importance of paying their own way, how to approach strangers, and how to deal with rejection. We normally sell popcorn in the fall, and sell Camp Cards (cards with coupons) in the spring. When our fundraisers are particularly successful, we do special activities, such as renting kayaks to paddle around Elkhorn Slough.

Financial considerations should never be a factor in whether or not your family participates in Cub Scouts. In addition to council-level “camperships” to help Cub Scouts attend day camp, our pack can work with families whose financial situation might make it difficult for them to participate. Our Chartering Organization, St. Mary's-by-the-Sea, has made it clear that they will provide assistance for any family that needs it. Talk to our Cubmaster, and we will work with you—discreetly.

Interested in Cub Scouts? Please contact us!, or 831–204–8180. We'd love to hear from you!

[In the picture: A Cub Scout den and their leaders enjoying the view at Fremont Peak]