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Scouting Terms


Cub Scouts is a fun and active program for boys and girls in Kindergarten through 5th grade.  While our Scouts enjoy the program we know it can be confusing for parents who haven’t been in the program before.  Below are a few terms that might help.

BSA – Boy Scouts of America

Scouts BSA (Formally Boy Scouts) Made up of BSA members that have generally finished the 5th grade but have not turned yet 18 years old.

Cub Scout – A Cub Scout is a BSA member who is at least 5 years old and in Kindergarten, but has not finished 5th grade.

Den – Each grade group of Scouts is divided into a Den.  The Den meets to go over program objectives and help Scouts work on their current rank advancement.

Pack – The Dens all rolled up, become the Pack.  The Pack meets once a month and then also participates in outdoor activities and other events.

Lion Den – Scouts in Kindergarten

Tiger Den – Scouts in the 1st grade

Wolf Den – Scouts in the 2nd grade

Bear Den – Scouts in the 3rd grade

Webelos – Stands for WE'll BE LOyal Scouts. The Webelos program is a two year program covering 4th and 5th grade Scouts. Each grade is broken up into an Den to best allow them to focus on their goals. You’ll often hear them referred to as Webelos I (4th graders) and Webelos II or Arrow of Light Scouts (5th graders).  Webelos is a transitioning point in Scouting and provides programming similar to Scouts BSA. You’ll find the Dens often visit the Scout Troops and participate in activities with them.

Cubmaster – The leader and most visible volunteer adult in the Pack; in charge of Pack level meetings, events, and outings.

Den Leader – An adult volunteer who plans and runs Den Meetings, activities, and outings.  They coordinate Den activities with the Pack and involvement of the Den in Pack activities.  They also facilitate and track the Den's advancement.

Chartered Organization – The organization or group responsible for making sure that the BSA unit provides programming and leadership for the Scouts.

Pack Committee – Every Pack is under the supervision of a Pack Committee which consists of a Chair, the Treasurer, and a Secretary. Their primary job is to handle administrative and support tasks allowing the Cubmaster, Den Leaders, and their assistants to focus on directly working with the Cub Scouts. Our Pack Committee meets monthly with our Cubmaster, Den Leaders, and assistants.

Troop – A group of Scouts in Scouts BSA associated with the same chartered organization (Similar to the Cub Scout Pack). A Troop is divided into Patrols. 

Patrol – Each Scout Troop is broken up into Patrols (Similar to the Cub Scout Den).  

Venturing (Formally Venture Scouts) A COED program for Youth 14-20 years of age. Sort of like a Scout High Adventure program; mountain biking, rock climbing, repelling, etc.

Sea Scouts – A COED program for Youth 13-21 years of age. A high adventure, nautical based program where Scouts learn skills such as sailing, and watercraft handling. 

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