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SU Leadership and Member Positions


UNIT COORDINATOR - Lisa S.Kopple / Duties include managing the SU Team Members, acting as liason between Council, members, and public, as well as seeking council for conflict resolution.

TREASURER / FINANCIAL OFFICER - Kevin Wright / Duties include managing SU financial resources and providing quarterly reports of income and expenses. 

CABIN MANAGER - Stuart Kopple / Duties include organizing cabin use, and acting as liason to Council and public for maintenance needs and rentals. 

COOKIE PROGRAM MANAGER - Tom DeLacey / Duties include training, maintaining, and acting as liason between SU and Council for the GS annual Cookie Program. 

WEBSITE MANAGER - Lisa S.Kopple / Duties include developing and maintaining website for the SU.

NEW LEADER & TRANSITIONAL SUPPORT TRAINING OFFICER - Rena DeLacey / After receiving Council and SU training, your duties will be to act as a new leader training and support facilitator until the leader or transitional member understands and can carry out their duties. 

CRAFT & IDEA RESEARCHER - Lorell L. (temp / pro tem / secondary) /Duties include exploring Pinterest, Google, publications and various relevant sites for craft, cooking, and traveling / outdoor camping ideas; publishing a monthly newsletter with ideas and tips.

ACTIVITIES ASSISTANT - (Open) / Duties include developing age appropriate & / or ALL AGES activities to offer to girls and troops throughout the year, such as Dances, outdoor Ball Games, Movie Nights, Skate Nights, camp songs, Flag Ceremony procedures, etc..

EVENTS COORDINATOR - Megan Wright / Duties include both small and large, age specific and ALL AGES events for the Girl Scout Community serviced by the SU. 

RECRUITMENT MARKETING MANAGER - (Open) / Duties include making flyers, connecting with local entities and coordinating with SU & / or Council to distribute materials for recruitment and community event notification. 

COOKIE PROGRAM CUPBOARD FACILITATOR - Tom DeLacey / Duties include establishing and maintaining the seasonal Cookie Program Cupboard; coordinating distribution and transfers to troops, reporting to SU and Council. 

FALL PRODUCT PROGRAM & FUNDRAISING MANAGER - (OPEN) / Duties include establishing and maintaining the Fall Product Program, coordinating distribution and resporting to Council. Also to establish and manage SU TEAM approved fundraising for troops and the SU.



Open and encouraged for all former SU Team Members and / or Leaders who have a decade or more experience in scouting. Please consider becoming an Emeritus Member Advisor. There is no formal responsibility in this role, however you are welcome to attend any and all SU Team Meetings and / or offer valuable input and insight to the SU community. Nominated members include Kathy Bryant, Tom DeLacey, Liz Dickinson, Lisa S.Kopple


Open to all GS Community Members if you'd like to take a more active role in the SU, but do not want the responsibility of taking on a SU Team Member role. You can come to SU Team Meetings, learn more about what's going on, and /or offer support and input about the GS Community to the SU Team.