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Pack Composition & Meetings

Pack 5 draws its members primarily (but not exclusively) from Central School in Wilmette, Illinois.  The boys in Pack 5 are divided up into small, age/grade-based groups called Dens.  Collectively, these Dens form the Pack and assemble together once a month during the school year for a Pack Meeting.

Den Composition & Meetings

Dens usually are composed of 8-10 boys in the same grade.  In some cases, dens may be larger depending on the number of boys participating and the number of parents who have volunteered to lead or co-lead a den.  Typically, boys in first grade are assigned to dens around the middle of September after we determine how many first graders are joining the Pack and after a sufficient number of adults volunteer to lead dens.

Cub Scout Ranks

There are four ranks in Cub Scouts:  Tiger (Grade 1); Grade 2 (Wolf); Grade 3 (Bear); and Webelos (Grades 4 & 5).  Webelos scouts in Grades 4 and 5 are referred to as Webelos I and Webelos II, respectively.  Boys may join the program at any time in Grades 1-5.  In other words, the Tiger rank is not a prerequisite for the Wolf rank, and so forth.

There is a handbook for each rank that lists the requirements for earning each rank.  Some of the requirements for rank advancement are satisfied during den meetings; others through family activities at home.  The handbooks get progressively thicker and more challenging to keep the scouts engaged as they grow and develop. 

One of the goals of the program is to earn rank advancement, and the rank badge, by April of the scouting/school year so that it may be presented to the scouts at the Pack’s annual Blue & Gold Dinner held every April.  Parents should review their son’s handbook at the beginning of the year to understand the requirements for rank advancement so that they can guide their scout to satisfying the requirements for rank advancement prior to the Blue & Gold Dinner.

The Bobcat Badge is presented to Cub Scouts once they learn the basics of cub scouting, like the Scout Oath, the Scout Law, the Cub Scout Sign, and the Cub Scout Handshake.  The Bobcat Badge is the first badge earned by all cub scouts, regardless of their grade when they join cub scouts.  Pack 5 typically awards the Bobcat Badge at the November Pack Meeting.  All new scouts should complete the requirements for the Bobcat Badge before the November Pack Meeting.

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