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Cub Scout Pack 1372
(Manassas Park, Virginia)
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 Want to know what great things we have planned for our scouts this coming year? You can download the calendar below.
Icon File Name Comment  
Pack Calendar 2014-2015.pdf Updated 3-24-2015  
Pack Calendar 2015-2016.pdf  
Pack Calendar 2017-2018.pdf  
Pack Calendar 2018-2019.pdf  


BSA Activity Consent Form

This is the official Boy Scouts of America activity consent form. It's the "permission slip" that each scout needs to complete and have signed by his parents before any activity outside of our local area or any overnighter. Use this form for summer day camp, Webelos summer camp, Pack family camping, Webelos den campouts, etc.
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BSA Activity Consent Form.pdf Activity Permission Slip  

The dues paid to the pack by the scouts help run the pack.  The pack dues for the 2020/2021 school year are $250 for the year. 

For more information about our pack dues please download the letter below.

Icon File Name Comment  
Spanish Dues Letter.pdf Grupo Español Cuotas  

Uniform Inspection Sheets 

  Now that your son is officially a cub scout it is time to start purchasing the uniform to make him look official.  Below you can download our New Member Uniform Checklist to help you as you begin purchasing items for your son's uniform.  Also on the checklist is the location of our scout shop as well as how to purchase the items online. 

Are you wondering were all those patches go on your son's uniform?  Below you can download the uniform inspection sheet with pictures to help with patch placement.
Icon File Name Comment  
Cub Scout Uniform Inspection Sheet.pdf Cub Scout Uniform Inspection Sheet - Tigers; Wolves & Bears  
New Member Uniform Checklist.pdf New Member Uniform Checklist  
Scout Leader Uniform Inspection Sheet.pdf For adult leaders  
Webelos Uniform Inspection Sheet.pdf Webelos Uniform Inspection Sheet  
   If you haven't filled out a photo release form yet for your son please download the document below, fill it out and give it to either your den leader or the Committee Chair.
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Pack 1372 Brochure - Spanish.pdf Photo Release Form - Spanish  
Photo Release Form.pdf Photo Release Form  

 In order to go on any overnight family pack camping trip sections A and B of the BSA medical form must be filled out by a parent and a copy given to the pack to keep on file. If your son is going to attend summer camp then section C must also be filled out by your family doctor. If you need a medical form you can download one here.

A copy of the form can be given to your den leader or any pack leader
Icon File Name Comment  
Activity Consent Form.pdf BSA Activity Consent Form  
BSA Medical_ABC.pdf BSA Medical ABC Form  
BSA Medical_instruction.pdf Medical Instruction Sheet  

Snack Sign-Ups

After a long meeting, our Scouts like to share a snack with their friends. The Scoutmaster will provide a signup sheet for the fall and another for the spring, giving parents an opportunity to pick a meeting to bring snacks to. Please be aware, the pack does have kids with food allergies; no tree nuts, peanuts or sesame seeds in the snacks, please. If your child has a food allergy not listed here, please let the Scoutmaster know!  

Icon File Name Comment  
Pack 1372 Snack Sign_WinterSpring.docx  
snack.xlsx Fall 2018 Snack Sign-Up  

Icon File Name Comment  
Cub Scout 1372 By-Laws_2020_signed.pdf Pack 1372 Bylaws December 2020  
Pack 1372 By-Laws December 2017.pdf Pack 1372 Bylaws December 2017  
Pack 1372 By-laws November 2012.pdf Pack 1372 Bylaws November 2012  

Den Leaders Reference Handbook


Here is a Reference Handbook for Pack 1372 Den Leaders and Adults!

Icon File Name Comment  
Pack 1372 Den Leaders Handbook May 24 2012.docx Den Leaders Handbook for Editing and Updates  
Pack 1372 Den Leaders Handbook May 24 2012.pdf Den Leaders Handbook for Reference with Internal Links - May 24, 2012