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Girl Scout Service Unit 305
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New Leaders here are some tips to help in your first year of scouting.
Current Leaders, add to the things you already have 

Below is a list of areas that are covered on this page

*First Aid Kit

*Troop Trip Bag

*Jobs for Parents/Guardians

*Leaders Supplies

*Troop Supply Tote

Troop First Aid Kit

As a leader you should have a first aid kit available at every meeting.  You can go out and purchase one or put one together yourself with the girls help or not.  You could even work this in with a badge requirement, etc.

Items to be included but not limited to the following:

* Girl Health Forms (take a digital photo of each girl and then print and tape coordinating photos to their health forms for quick ID purposes)

* Council Emergency Contact Number card
Place the above two items in a ziplock baggie to keep them dry

* Adhesive tape and bandages        * Alcohol wipes or small bottle of peroxide
* Band-aids, assorted sizes        * Gauze pads  
* Hairpins - to use for those who forget to tie long hair back around a fire etc.

* Hand sanitizer    * Instant Chemical Icepack        

* Latex or Vinyl Gloves (disposable ones)        * Pen/Pencil        

* Plastic Bags (to dispose of used materials and collect vomit for analysis in suspected oral poisonings)

* Safety Pins        * Scissors        * Soap (antibacterial Liquid) 
* Splints- popsicle sticks for fingers and 12" rulers for arms or legs

* Triangular Bandages        * Tweezers        

* White index cards (tape removed items (ie ticks etc.) to the index card, enclose in plastic bag, give to medical professional)
* Scotch Tape  
* First Aid cards (see attached below) cut them and punch a hole and tie them together

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first aid cards.jpg first aid cards  

Troop Trip Bag

This should be some sort of bag be it a small messenger bag, or a small backpack for example

The Troop Trip Bag should accompany you and your troop on all field trips or events (outside of your regular meeting)

Suggestion is to have a gallon size ziploc bag and put your first aid items in it so they stay dry, in another smaller ziploc bag put the girls Health Forms (the ones with their pictures on them) in there along with the Council emergency contact card.

Also, include Permission Slips for each girl attending the trip,
Name tags for the girls if you feel it is necessary,
Roster of the troop with emergency contact info.

If you have multiple girls riding in more than one car- have a folder for each car to include the health forms, permission slips for only those girls riding in that car in the folder.

Jobs for Parents/Guardians

It is good to have parents involved, if they are willing to help let them as it will make your job that much easier.  Below are a few jobs parents/guardians can do but, feel free to add to this list.

Assistant Leader- someone who is willing to help out with leadership ability.

Parent Helpers- parents who are willing to sign up for a meeting to help if needed (assist with a craft etc.)

Cookie Mom/Dad- someone who would be willing to pass out cookie information packets, collect, submit, pick up, and distribute cookies during the Fall Sale.

Troop Treasurer- someone willing to deposit troop money into the troop account, and fill out the financial report twice a year (Jan. and June)

QSP Mom/Dad- someone who would be willing to pass out QSP magazine/nut information packets, collect, submit, pick up and distribute Nut/Candy items during the Spring sale.

See the attached for additional info

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Leaders Supplies

Here are items to have on hand at every meeting.  Again, these are just some suggestions to get you started.

* Current Guide Book for your age group

* At least one Journey Book for your age group (there maybe some on file with the neighborhood)

* 3" three ring binder 
        Calendar/notebook- for meeting ideas, schedule etc.    
        Troop Membership List
        Troop Attendance and Dues Record
        Girl Record Sheet for ea. girl
        Individual Girl Scout Record (for your age group)
                Envelope w/girl name on it to hold badges, fun patches etc. until they are presented
                     (three hole punch and place infront of the each Individual Girl record)
        Copy of Signed Girl Sponsored Product Sales Permission Form
        Copy of Council Tax Exempt Form
        Divider for Troop Financial form copies and bank statements if you are handling it.
        Manilla Folder/Ziploc Bag- to hold troop receipts can hole punch to put in binder.

Several of these forms can be found on the GSWNY website (under the Girl Forms and Troop/Group Forms) click the link below

* Small file folder carrier- this is used to put any receipts/newsletters/product sales info/upcoming events etc. for each girl
File folders (for each girl)

Check out the sample newsletters below to have on hand at your first meeting.

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daisy newsletter.jpg daisy newsletter  

Troop Supply Tote


 Here are some basic supplies to start off your troop with.  I keep my supplies in a tote, this way it is easier to carry to your meeting place if there is not a storage place on site.

* Hand Sanitizer    * Paper towels    * Hand soap    * Baby wipes    * Spray bottle with all purpose cleaner (to wipe down tables)

* Pens    * Pencils (reg. and colored)   * Pencil sharpener    * Crayons    * Washable markers

* Scotch tape    * Masking tape    * Scissors (1 pair per 2 girls)    * Glue sticks    * Glue bottles

* Plain white paper    * Construction paper (multi colored)    * Lined paper

* Stapler and staples    * Hole puncher   * Napkins    * Small plastic cups

You can have your parents bring in an item, or purchase them with troop funds, it is up to you.