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Girl Scout Service Unit 020
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Service Unit Leaders

The GSWW Service Unit 020 is part of the South King County area serving 98058, Renton, and the Fairwood area of Renton, WA. Service Unit Team Leaders are here to help you with any girl scout needs you may have. 

2016-17 SU 020 Team Leaders are:

 Title  Name    Email
SU Manager  Jennifer Ritchie
 SU Co-Manager      
 Treasurer  Heather Rutledge    
 Membership Specialist  Heather Smith    
 Secretary   Jennifer Idzi    
E-Communications Manager  Jennifer Ritchie    
 Lead Delegate  Wendy Gire    
Cookie Manager/s  Ross Hardy  
Cookie Cupboard  Helen Thompson    
Cookie Booth Sales Manager  Brenda Mitchell  
Fall Product Chair  Ross Hardy  
Placement Coordinator  Heather Smith  
Recruitment Coordinator         
Community Coordinator
Welcome Chat Advisor  Jenny Idzi     
Event Director
Encamporee Director  Donna Gathany
Learning Manager    
New Troop Mentor      
Level Specific Program Mentors      
Coaches  Jennifer Ritchie
  Heather Smith
 Outdoor Program Coordinator      
Day Camp Director  Michelle Balcom    
Day Camp PA Coord.  Brianne Green    
Day Camp Treasurer      
Day Camp Registrar  Amanda Krohn    
IRM Coordinator/Cookie Coord      
Older Girl Program Director
Recognition Chair  Janet Nance    
Social Media (Twitter)  Jennifer Ritchie    
Social Media (Facebook)      
 Community Service Organizer      
Website  Jennifer Ritchie  
Carriage Crest Contact  Cheryl Clayton                                              
Emerald Park  Elaine Dennison  
Fairwood  Michelle Carlson  
Glenridge  Helen Thompson  
Lake Youngs  Brenda Mitchell  
Panther Lake  Carol Pyper  
Park Orchard  Michelle Anschell   Liz Betz
Ridgewood  Jenny Idzi  
Soos Creek  Jen Nation
Springbrook  Julia Strand    
Sunrise  Janet Hoffman  
 Cedar River Montessori      
 Home School  Brianne Green    
 Maple Valley Christian School  Kathleen Chada    
Council Troop Program Mgr.  Jennifer Reck-Allen



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