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November Scouting Program News

Welcome to the 2020-2021 Scouting Year!
For new families, please also visit our Facebook page ( for more content from our great Scouting experiences from the 2019-2020 Scouting Year!

2018 Annual Pack 2 Spooktacular Campout!

                                                   2017 Westerly Relay for Life 




The scouts and families of Pack 2, Westerly, were happy to help distribute and illuminate the luminaria at the Walk for Life. Our 

pack meetings are hosted by the Dunns Corner Community Church Presbyterian, and we found their luminaria and lit it.


Thanks to all participants who helped with this annual event!


                                          The 2016-17 Pack 2 Calendar Is Posted


The 2016 - 2017 Pack 2 Meeting and Activities Calendar has been posted on our website.  Yes,
that's right here.  Read on, click the Calendar link on the upper left and click into each month to 
see the meetings and activities.  We have many of our Pack 2 families old favorites, the Spooktacular
Campout, football at the Coast Guard Academy, Scouting For Food and more.  Keep a look out
for our first brick derby, a trip to Foster Parrots, a visit to the Pequot Museum and more.  

As always please keep in mind that we plan events well in advance to make sure our scouts and
their families get every opportunity to attend as many events as possible.  However, sometimes
we need to adjust a date or two to accommodate the activity hosts.  The Pack Leadership will do
everything possible to stick as close to the original calendar as we can.  Over the past three years 
we have successfully kept the calendar on this site up to date.  So please check back often,
attend den and pack meetings and if you still have calendar questions contact your Den Leader.

                                Pack 2 Increases Participation In Summer Camp 


Camp Aquapaug and Camp Yawgoog were both attended this year by Pack 2 Scouts.  Pack 2 sent
Wolves, Bears and WEBELOS to Camp Aquapaug to improve their Scout Skills and have fun doing it. 
The Scouts participated in archery,
BB, field sports, fishing, and boating.  New this year was the 
participation of some of our WEBELOS in a week log residence camp at Camp Yawgoog. Where
they were able to experience Scouting as the Boy Scouts do it.  Also, our very own Cubmaster Jeff
Andrews earned his potato, as seen above.  What, you don't know of the Yawgoog potato tradition?
Just ask him and he will tell you all about it.  

                                     Pack 2's Spring Hike Just Misses The Raindrops


Scouts from each Pack 2 Den attended our Spring hike in the Westerly Town Forest.  The day called
for rain and it did rain but the forest provided cover when necessary.  The Scouts enjoyed the hike
and along the way found amazing trees, flowers, and rocks left behind by the glaciers.  Since many 
of the Scouts have a hiking or outdoor requirement this hike was a good way to show off their Scout 
Skills as well.  There are always things that are necessary to bring on a hike and plans that need to 
be completed before it starts.  Ask your Scout if he knows what they are. 

               Westerly's Relay For Life And Pack 2 Something Old And Something New


This story has something old and something new in it.  The new is a new location this year for the
Relay for Life, the Westerly High School Quad.  The location worked well for Pack 2 in our efforts to
serve the Relay's Luminaria Committee.  The old was for the 7th straight year Pack 2 has performed 
this service project to support the Westerly Relay for Life's Luminaria Committee, whose function 
is to setup tributes to those heroes in the battle against cancer.  Pack 2 is honored to help each 
year and looks forward to next year. 

                                                      Pack 2 Tigers Stepping Out


It doesn't matter if you are the oldest members of the Pack or the youngest, Scouting means being
outdoors.  Our Tiger Den this Spring visited Kettle Pond to experience the outdoors as only our area
of the country can.  The Tiger Scouts and their families enjoyed a sunny Spring day and completed
a few belt loop requirements along the way. 

                                          Pack 2 And The Opportunity Almost Lost


The Westerly Little League approached Pack 2 with a request to take part in an opening day flag
ceremony for the 2016 Summer Season.  It looked as if Pack 2 would not be able to perform the flag
raising due to an already tight activity schedule.  However, two leaders stepped up to the plate and
made it happen.  Many of the parents of Westerly Little League players commented on how respectful
it looked and sounded.  The Pack Leadership wants to thank Joe Kushner, Christen Kazarian and, of
course, our Scouts for going the extra mile and honoring our country while serving our community. 

               Pack 2 Performs A Cub Scout Style 2 For 1 - Our Fishing Pack Meeting


Pack 2's April Pack Meeting was a great 2 for 1 deal for all of our Scouts and their families.  Our 
Scouts went fishing at the Carolina Trout Pond while we held our monthly Pack Meeting.  On this 
chilly but fun night had quite a few Scouts learn to fish and catch fish.  On top of that we awarded
our monthly belt loops and had a few laughs.  The Carolina Trout Pond is a great facility for outdoor
education that is run by the Rhode Island DEM.  It is also a fish hatchery, one of the oldest in
existence, and is responsible for fish hatch and release programs through Southern Rhode Island.  
Pack 2 thanks the staff for the fishing lessons, education and all of their efforts. 

        Thank You Westerly and Pack 2 Families For Supporting Our Spring Bake Sale


Pack 2 scouts and families worked hard over the weekend of April 9th and 10th at the Spring Bake Sale.
The Pack Leadership wants to thank all the families that helped sell and bake to raise money for our 
programs and activities.   Without support from our town and families we couldn't do all the fun things
we do.  We are grateful and feel lucky to be part of the Pack 2 Family.

                               Pack 2 2016 Pinewood Derby Winners Crowned


Everyone was a winner at Pack 2's Pinewood Derby this year.  Our day at the races wasn't dampened
by a little trouble with the new scoring system thanks to help from Commissioner Musto, Commissioner
Henry, Troop 16, Mr. Joe, Ms. Jen and our great Pack 2 families.  Fun was had by all, lunch was great
and our Scout Spirit shined through.  This years winners were;

1st Place - Trent Bessette
2nd Place - Owen Murray
3rd Place - Camren Oferosky
4th Place - Kyle Andrews

                               Pack 2 Enjoys A Mad Scientist Winter Overnight


On a frigid February weekend the families of Pack 2 explored the world of science at their Mad Scientist
Winter Overnight.  Experts from Biomes (Marine Science Center), RIMOSA (the Rhode Island Museum
of Science and Art) and the Rhode Island Space Grant Consortium (NASA funded) all came to work with
the scouts.  The Boy Scouts from Troop 10 also stopped by to help with Pinewood Derby car building.
Our hosts, the Westerly School District, loaned the Bradford Elementary School for the weekend which
made for the perfect venue.  Interaction with marine life, a great electricity experiment and a talk on
distant planets and space exploration made Saturday great.  The boys also used the gym to get some
exercise while Pack 2 parents made use of the school cafeteria to make great meals.  Of course you
can't have a Cub Scout overnight without a campfire so Pack 2 had an indoor one and rose Sunday
morning to a Scout's Own Service design by our WEBELOS Den.

                          Pack 2 Meetings Aren't Just Talk, They Are Adventures!


You never know what is going to happen at a Pack 2 pack meeting.  Well, that is not entirely true, as there 
will always be a bad joke or two.  However, this winter we had two special guests who made our pack 
meetings a little extra fun.  Mr. Joe Matthews, V.P. of Programming for Narragansett Council, stopped in to 
talk about Summer Camp and brought a rather furry friend to help with the presentation.  Another month
Commissioner Henry taught the boys a little about Native American culture by having them build a wetu 
(a Native American shelter made from sheets of bark in a dome shape supported by sticks).  Do you
think if we could get Sasquatch through Youth Protection Training he would join our pack leadership?

               Who Will Be The World's Next Great Artist?  Pack 2 Has The Answer


Pack 2 held their first ever painting class this winter with local art instructor Ms. Laurie.  The boys were
able to work on an original design by the artist and paint along with her as she taught them the art of
painting.  The boys masterpieces dried while a snack of popcorn and juice was enjoyed. 

                                                    Pack 2 Hits The Slopes


Pack 2 Scouts, many for the first time, ventured to the slopes of Yawgoo Valley for some skiing on January 9th.
On a beautifully warm winters day the Scouts and Families of Pack 2 were able to take a ski lesson, learn to
use a tow rope, ride a chair lift and ski.  A quick post event survey revealed that most looked forward to
going again.  The pack leadership is proud of these scouts and all the scouts of Pack 2 as they embrace the 
opportunities that we provide to show them new things.  

                                                Pack 2's Singing Service Project


Annually Pack 2 visits the Westerly Health Center to sing Christmas Carols and hand out cards they have
made.  The boys enjoy kicking off the holidays this way and helping others at the same time.  We hope you
and yours enjoy the season. 

                                             Pack 2 Visits The Providence Bruins

Pack 2 Scouts and families attended the Providence Bruins v Springfield Falcons hockey game on December
5th.  The Pack was treated to a great game with the Bruins winning by a score of 3 -1.  The boys received a
hat and patch for attending the game.  Fun was had by all!

                              Supporting Our Veterans And Supporting Our Community


November 7th was a busy and important day in Westerly and Pack 2 played an important role in it.  
Saturday November 7th was the annual Scouting For Food Drive across our great country and it was also 
the Westerly Veterans Day Parade.  Pack 2 participated in both and participated well.  The Scouts and
Families of Pack 2 helped collect food for our local food pantry contributing in the delivery of over
6000 lbs of food.  They also, on the same day, marched in the Veterans Day Parade carry our flag and 
portraits of great Eagle Scout-Veterans to honor all of those that serve and have served in our military.
The Leadership of Pack 2 is proud of our scouts for taking on this double duty and Doing Their Best!

                              Pack 2 WEBELOS Scout Fishes His Way To Derby Victory


Pack 2 WEBELOS Scout Kyle Andrews won the Narragansett Council Fall Fishing Derby on October 25th. 
The Derby was held in Charlestown, RI at Ninigret Pond.  Kyle collected three trophies on the day and

is clearly prepared for our Spring trip to the State Fish Hatchery in 2016. 

                               USCGA Bears 21 - Salve Regina University Seahawks 20


The Cub Scouts of Pack 2 and their families attended the Parents Weekend football game at the
United States Coast Guard Academy on September 26th 2015.  The game was exciting with the
home team coming out victorious in the end.  The Coast Guard Academy Bears made a field goal
in the last 7 seconds to win the day.  That is two years in a row that Pack 2 was treated to a one
point game.  The weather was picture perfect, as can be seen in our
photos, and the campus was
buzzing with activity.  The fun filled day left everyone in anticipation of our
next visit.


The Scouts and Families of Pack 2 Meet a 9/11 Survivor              

Two days before the 14th anniversary of the 9/11 tragedy the scouts and families of Pack 2 were
able to hear about the events of that day from Dan Holdridge a survivor of the attacks on the 
Pentagon in Washington D.C.  His inspiration talks told of the moments before the aircraft struck 
the Pentagon, how he escaped and the people he met that day.  Most importantly he spoke of the 
days, weeks and months after and what it taught him about life, family and building a better world
through community.  The boys learned a great deal and were left with a task to take home, each day
don't think about what we expect from others and life but instead think about what we appreciate in
others and our lives.  

                                  Pack 2's Q & A With US Senator Sheldon Whitehouse 


On Wednesday September 2nd Pack 2 had the honor of opening a community dinner hosted by
US Senator Sheldon Whitehouse.  To open the dinner the scouts of Pack 2 lead all in the reciting of
Pledge of Allegiance.  Pack 2 was also given the rare opportunity to have their own question
and answer session with the Senator.  The Scouts asked almost 20 questions of the Senator covering
many topics and the Senator answered each in detail.  The topics included current events, school
issues and personal details.  Axel Anderson asked the Senator about the wind power project off 
the coast of Block Island.  Camren Oferosky asked about the increased amount of testing in schools.
Kyle Bodnar asked what sports the Senator liked.  Colton Urso asked if the Senator had a security
detail.  Hayden Sullivan asked what was the Senator's favorite subject in school.  Alex Pendola spoke
to the Senator about the condition of his school's playground.  Plus many more.  The evening ended
with a group photo that the Senators office will be forwarding to the Pack for distribution to each
scout.  This rare opportunity to question a sitting senator was a great way for us to start our
2015 - 2016 Scout Year and complete a few requirements at the same time.  Follow these two links
to read and see more; The Westerly Sun and Senator Whitehouse's Facebook Wall

                                                  The 2016 Pack 2 Calendar Is Posted


The first four months of the 2015 - 2016 Pack 2 Meeting and Activities Calendar has been posted
on our scoutlander website.  Yes, that's right here.  Read on, click the Calendar link on the upper
left and click into each month to see the meetings and activities.  We have many of our Pack 2
families old favorites, the Spooktacular Campout, football at the Coast Guard Academy, Scouting
For Food and more.  The rest of the calendar will be posted by the end of September which 
includes some new adventures that were previewed at the June Pack Meeting.  Keep a look out
for our first downhill skiing/tubing trip, first painting class, first boat trip, oceanography and more.  

As always please keep in mind that we plan events well in advance to make sure our scouts and
their families get every opportunity to attend as many events as possible.  However, sometimes
we need to adjust a date or two to accommodate the activity hosts.  The Pack Leadership will do
everything possible to stick as close to the original calendar as we can.  Over the past three years 
we have successfully kept the calendar on this site up to date.  So please check back often,
attend den and pack meetings and if you still have calendar questions contact your Den Leader.

                                      2015 Summer Fun at Camp Aquapaug for Pack 2


An extended Camp Aquapaug, there were three weeks available this year, received campers from
Pack 2 again this year.  Pack 2
sent Wolves, Bears and WEBELOS to camp to improve their Scout
Skills and have a whole lot of fun doing it. The Scouts participated in archery,
BB, field sports,
fishing, and boating. Of course there were jokes, skits and songs whose punch-lines and
melodies were high among the boys favorite memories.  The pack leadership has already heard 
excitement about attending camp next year.  To that we say, RAH! RAH! AQUAPAUG!

                                          USCGA Bears 13 - Endicott College Gulls 14

The Cub Scouts of Pack 2 and their families attended the Parents Weekend football game at the
United States Coast Guard Academy on October 25th 2014.  The game was exciting even though
the home team did not come out victorious.  The Coast Guard Academy Bears missed a field goal
in the last 8 seconds to concede the day.  The weather was picture perfect, as can be seen below,
and the campus was buzzing with activity.  The fun filled day left everyone in anticipation of our
next visit.


                6th Annual Halloween Spooktacular Campout October 4 - 5th, 2014 


Pack 2 held its Halloween Spooktacular Campout on Saturday and Sunday October 4th-5th.  
This year was the 6th annual and this year was the biggest and best yet.  Click *here* to see
all the great activities we did throughout the weekend.  You can also check out some of the
pictures below.


                                    Pack 2 2014 Fall Recruitment Was a Huge Success!

September is an important month on the Scout calendar as it is time to bring new members into
our scout family.  At the beginning of the Month of September Pack 2 was 25 families strong by
the end of the month we were 47!  Welcome to all of the great families that have joined Pack 2!


                                                       Pack 2 Wins Pack of the Year!

Pack 2 was selected as the 2014 Pack of the Year for Narragansett Council.  The Pack was
chosen out of all the packs in Rhode Island, South East Connecticut and Southern 
Massachusetts.  The award was presented at the Annual Council Awards Dinner in June.  The
pack leadership feels the award is proof of what a great charter host, families and boys we
get to work with.  Click Here to see the award. 


Summer Fun at Camp Aquapaug for Pack 2

Camp Aquapaug is a Summer tradition for Pack 2 and 2014 saw the tradition continue.  Pack 2
sent Tigers, Wolves and Bears to Camp Aquapaug this year. The Scouts participated in archery,
BB, field sports, fishing, Scout Skills and boating.  To top off the two weeks of fun our own
Boone Bessett won the Lord Baden Powell award for his great scout spirit.  


                                                      Golf at Weekapaug Golf Club

The Cub Scouts of Pack 2 were very lucky this year to be invited to work on their Golf Belt Loop 
at Weekapaug Golf Club.  The course pro Ms. Susan Bond instructed the scouts on a beautiful 
sunny day.  Pack 2 would like to thank Ms. Bond and our very own Mr. Urso for arranging this 
great activity.  


                                           Pack 2 Completes Another Service Project

In June the towns of Westerly and Pawcatuck hold the their annual Relay for Life to fight cancer. 
Pack 2 again worked with the Luminary Committee as a service project.  The scouts helped put
together tribute lights and set them on the track.  In the process the scouts met many great 
people and did a great job.  We have been invited back next year and can't wait to be of 


                                                 Pack 2 Spring Campout Huge Fun

Camp Yagoog was the place and the 4th oldest Boy Scout Camp in the United States was huge fun 
for Pack 2.  All enjoyed a great Spring campout that included archery, BB, field sports, crafts, fishing
and the dining hall traditions of the camp.  The Pack added on a great hike to the RI CT state line
to complete the weekend.


Fishing For The Big One

May brought about a fun event as Troop 15 invited Pack 2 to go fishing at Browning Mill Pond. The
Boy Scouts taught the Pack 2 scouts a fishing knot and made them a pancake breakfast before the
fishing began.  There were awards given and fun was had by all.

First Fish - Eli Schonrog
Biggest Fish - Colton Urso
Smallest Fish - Hayden Sullivan
Most Fish - Marco Petteruti


Pack 2 Spring Ice Skating

Pack 2 went ice skating in April at the University of Rhode Island Boss Ice Arena.  Instructional
and safety topics were discussed as the boys earned their Ice Skating Belt Loop.  Fun was had
by all!


                               Spring Yard Clean Up at DCCCP - Pack 2 At Your Service

In Scouting we are always ready to serve.  So when the Pack was asked to help out our
charter host with a little Spring yard work we were more than ready.  The families of Pack 2
spent our April 9th meeting time raking leaves, picking up sticks and cleaning the Chapel in the
Pines at the Dunns Corners Community Church Presbyterian in Westerly.  All so the Church could
have a clean, safe and fun Easter Egg Hunt that weekend.  In all, almost 30 scouts and family
members helped with the clean up.  Pastor Jim rewarded the scouts with a wonderful letter of 
appreciation.  The Pack 2 Leadership wants to thank all our families for pitching in.  On a final
note at the April Pack Meeting multiple Scouts noted that this was their favorite activity for the
month.  Now that is Scout Spirit! 


                                    Off to the Races - Pack 2 Pinewood Derby 2014

The Pack 2 Pinewood Derby was held on March 1st at the Dunns Corners Community Church.
The races were exciting, fun and close.  Our top four finishers qualified for the Council Regionals 
in Exeter.  They were Marco Petteruti, Sean vonHousen, Joel Henry, and Brayden Kazarian.  All
the boys did an amazing job building their cars and many awards were presented touting their
efforts.  To cap off the races the Pack 2 Leadership held the now infamous Cheesewood Derby.


In case you are wondering Orange Cheddar is faster than White.

                                     Pack 2  Blue and Gold Dinner and Crossover

Pack 2 held their Blue and Gold Dinner on February 8th at the Dunns Corners Community Church
Presbyterian in Westerly. It was a dual celebration of the Birthday of Cub Scouts and the Crossover
to Boy Scouts for some in our Pack. The Pack and our great families provided a wonderful meal and
the Pack Leadership, along with our special guests from Troops 10 and 15, conducted a Crossover
Ceremony to remember.  Congrats to Connor, Jack and JD we wish you all the best!  You will be

With this year's Crossover we also see Ms. Kate move on to Boy Scouts.  However, not before some
much deserved recognition.  Ms. Kate received the Den Leader Award, given to Scout Leaders
that provide excellence for their Den membership.  Ms. Kate also received a joint award and high
honor, The Celtic Cross Award.  This honor is given by the Boy Scouts of America and the Presbyterian
Church.  It is given in recognition of her years of tireless service to Pack 2 and the community.  This
award comes with a medal and square knot patch.  Ms. Kate has been the cornerstone of Pack 2 for
the past five years all that we have we owe to her hard work and leadership.  Thank You Ms. Kate! 


                                                          A Busy Fall For Pack 2!

This year Pack 2 marched in the Westerly-Pawcatuck Veterans Day parade.  The Scouts learned what
veterans do for our great nation, how to honor them, and about the flag of the United States of
America.  Mr. Jeff Henry (our Cubmaster and a Veteran himself) even taught the Scouts how to march.  
At the end of the parade the boys attended a ceremony at the Westerly Armory where music, flags
and prayers added to the days tribute to our heroes in the Armed Forces. 


On Wednesday November 6th Pack 2 took a very informative tour of the Westerly Ambulance Corps
Headquarters.  The Scouts of Pack 2 learned about the role that the Westerly Ambulance Corps
plays in the safety and security of our town.  The Scouts tour was lead by the Corp Chief Beth
Gingerella and included seeing the dispatch center, ambulances, and rescue vehicles-equipment. 
We are luck to have such dedicated individuals protecting us that are also willing to share part of
their day with the Scouts of Westerly.  Thank you Westerly Ambulance Corps!


Every November across the nation Scouts gather food for those in need.  This annual service project
is known as Scouting For Food.  This year Pack 2 filled an entire pick-up truck with food for local 
centers to distribute.  Great Job Pack 2!


The first hike of the Scout Season was held on Sunday October 20th at Napatree Point.  We
met in the parking lot at 12:30pm under sunny skies.  As we hiked we learned a little about the
history of Napatree Point and used a fishing net to more closely observe marine life.  We caught
crabs, shrimp, fish and snails that were all released back into the water.  But not until each Scout 
and sibling were able to get a close up look.  Along the way the Scouts and their families picked
up two garbage bags of litter and debris.  Making this an educational service project to remember.
See our photos from this activity on the Pack Photos 2013 page.

Our first pack wide campout was held at Camp Kitchtau on October 4th - 6th 2013.  It was our
famous Halloween Spooktacular.  Pack 2 Scouts and Families enjoyed a weekend of camp
activities and fun.  Including pumpkin carving, hiking and a candy hunt.  All while earning the
Soccer Pin, Map and Compass Belt Loop and learning about how to care for our flag.





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Thank you,
Mr. Daniel Roy
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Pack 2 Westerly

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2018 Pack 2 Annual Spooktacular Campout

Check out our 2018 Annual Spooktacular Campout!