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Having fun at our Spring Campout

Another Cookie Sale on the Books

Training our Leaders

All adults working with Troop 2107 this year need to complete the GS101 training and Youth Protection by Sep 20.

These are short, easy programs you can complete on your own in roughly 30 minutes apiece.

You can find them here under "Mandatory Trainings."

If the link doesn't work, copy and paste this into your browser:

In addition, there will be in-person trainings in CPR/First Aid and Camp Skills coming up in September and October. They are on the calendar now, I hope will be able to pick one of each and carpool, since the locations are all an hour or more away. These trainings are not mandatory for everyone, but we do need to have at least one adult with both certifications present every time we go camping, so the more people we can get trained the better. Plus -- it's just good stuff to know.